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Here you see many many pretty sites that I like.

Sadly, it has ended, but the prettiness that is continues to live on.

The story of a webcomic artist and his wacky adventures.

Boy Meets Boy
This one's ended, too, but Collin and Fox live on.

Errant Story
A little bit of swords and sorcery, as well as a talking pussy...

Friendly Hostility
Collin and Fox continue their adventures after the death of Boy Meets Boy.

Hindsight 21/17
Art style is improving, w00t!

I Drew This
A political strip with a strong liberal slant skewering just about everyone.

Morgan in the Morning
My lovely's comic strip. Shounen ai/implied yaoi.

Ozy and Millie
Cute and entertaining. Proof that I read wholesome comics, too.

Real Life
Because truth is funnier than fiction. And deep down inside, I'm just a pathetic geek.

Sexy Losers
Tasteless, graphic, and a little disturbing--but all in good fun. ^_-

Venus Envy
Less Rita Mae Brown and more Erin Lindsey.

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